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NFL Passes New Overtime Rules To Create Uniformity Between Regular Season And Playoffs

There were a few business items attended to this week during the NFL owners meeting and Adam Schefter is reporting that one of the major changes will be the uniformity of overtime rules in both the regular season and postseason. If you remember last year, the NFL created an odd disparity that would give some teams the chance to match the other in the playoffs rather than the old if-you-lost-the-coin-flip-you're-screwed rule. However, they kept the unfair, antiquated rule alive for the regular season. Alas, the disparity is no more.

The rules didn't come into play as much as some people believed they might last post-season but it only takes a single game for the rules to blow up, a la the famous tuck rule, in the spotlight of the postseason. This allows each coaching staff to get used to how they will handle these things ahead of the playoffs, something that only made sense in the first place. The NFL is slow to move on many things, but at least they got this one right, albeit a year late.