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VIDEO: Peyton Manning Throwing Football At Duke University

Will he be healthy? Will he be able to throw at football in the same way he could before? Will the nerves begin to regenerate? The questions surrounding Peyton Manning's health are louder than any other question being asked in this NFL offseason, and teams like the Kansas City Chiefs are definitely going to want to know about his health status if they are going to be interested at all in having the former Colts quarterback as their starter.

The Chiefs currently have Matt Cassel under contract and they have already stated that they want to bring in competition. Suffice to say that Manning is not just competition. But when you have a chance to grab such an incredible franchise quarterback, you have to make the move. Romeo Crennel even said he'd be crazy not to.

If Manning, showing here that he can at least throw the deep ball, can get healthy in time for the season, the Chiefs could be in for a deep playoff run. Check the first signs of life below: