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Tony Dungy Predicts Peyton Manning Will Stay With Indianapolis Colts

There are a fair number of teams poised and ready for the moment that Peyton Manning could become a free agent. The Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs have all been linked to the Indianapolis Colts iconic quarterback, hoping that the roster bonus due on March 8 and questions concerning his health are enough to make the franchise turn the corner and release him. But Tony Dungy, his former head coach, isn't so sure.

Instead, Dungy just released a video where he admits that he's not as certain as before given the recent conjecture, but he still believes that, in the end, Peyton will remain a Colt for life. Here's some of the transcript from the video:

I know that March 8 is the date that they've set that he has a bonus due, and I think something is going to happen this week. I'm not really sure. Before I was up at the Combine, before I spoke to Jim Irsay, I just felt like there's no way that Peyton Manning would be playing for another team. He'd either retire because of his health or he'd be playing for the Colts. Now I am not so sure. I know he wants to play. He wants to not go out on an injury, but wants to go out on his terms. I know Jim Irsay really is concerned about making sure that they do the right thing for the team but also for Peyton.

We've gotta keep an eye on it. If I'm guessing and betting man, I'm still saying he plays for the Colts, but I don't think it's 100 percent. There are places that Peyton Manning could end up. I would be disappointed to see that, because I'm always going to envision him as No. 18 of the Colts, but it could happen.

For those teams who don't like the idea of taking a chance on a rookie or even an unproven back-up like Matt Flynn, Manning represents the best possible option for, well, any team with interest in improving the most important position on the field. For Manning to go back, suddenly Kyle Orton and Jason Campbell become the best options for the Chiefs to consider.