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Peyton Manning's Arrival To AFC West Frustrates Division Rivals

Peyton Manning’s recruiting trip around the NFL affected a significant number of teams — from jostling the feelings of some incumbent quarterbacks to the teams that now have to play the Broncos in 2012 and beyond. The AFC West is the most affected with the Chargers, Raiders and Chiefs and the coaches are aware that Manning’s presence changes everything.

“He gives Denver instant credibility,” Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel told Fox Sports’ John Czarnecki. “He’s been such a great player for 14 seasons, and everyone says he’s healing. I have to believe it will continue as he comes back from that nerve injury. But I can’t say I’m excited about playing him twice a year.”

“Peyton is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game,” Raiders head coach Dennis Allen said. “He’s going to be an awesome challenge for all of us to find ways of how to defend him.”

If anything, it could even affect the way that teams like the Chiefs approach the draft. Knowing that they will have to cover the entire field defensively as in years past when they’ve played the Colts, expect the Chiefs to address depth at both corner and safety in the draft or late in free agency. While the starters look impressive, there are already concerns at those spots.

Manning is definitely changing the face of the entire division and the Chiefs pass defense is going to need every playmaker to be healthy and hope that they don’t miss Brandon Carr too much.