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Bill Parcells To Saints Rumors Called 'Mockery' By Former Chiefs HC Herm Edwards

Former Kansas City Chiefs head coach has displayed his outspoken nature in a variety of ways over the years -- not only along the sidelines for the Chiefs among other teams, but also in the ESPN studios where he's an analyst. With the latest Saints rumors that the team is interested in hiring Bill Parcells as their new head coach in the wake of Sean Payton's suspension, Edwards is lighting up the microphone again with his harsh words about the lack of a minority presence.

"It makes it a little bit of a scam now," Edwards said of the Rooney Rule, or lack of abiding by it in this instance. "That's the shame of it all. Sean Payton opening his mouth like he did, he really reflects that this thing is going to become a sham if Bill Parcells takes this job. Because if you do decide to interview a minority, you're going to go with Bill Parcells. You've already said, 'This is our coach.' That's the shame of it all. It puts (NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell) in another bind."

It's an interesting scenario since the hiring will only be for one year. Should the Saints have to abide the Rooney Rule given the circumstances? An argument can be made for both sides, but it's clear that Edwards has his own take. If anything else, it's another log to put on the fire blazing against the Saints public relations department.