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Eric Berry Injury Update: Chiefs Star Safety Says 'My Knee Feels Great'

The Kansas City Chiefs were missing a lot of players last season due to injury, and many of them were impact level players. While a case can definitely be made for Jamaal Charles, and rightfully so, perhaps the player missed most was star safety Eric Berry who played only four snaps in the regular season and forced the Chiefs to play back-ups a significant amount in 2011.

Now Berry says his rehab is going well and that his knee feels “great.” That’s good news for the Chiefs coaching staff and fans who need him to return now that Peyton is in the division. When asked about his rehab in a recent interview with WHB, Berry gave the good news.

"Right now I’m doing very good. My knee feels great. I’m actually down in Florida training with my trainer, so everything’s looking good. Been doing a lot of drills, lot of working out, lot of weights. Just trying to make sure I’m ready to go this season. As you know, I got hurt at the beginning of the season so I’ve had a lot of time to sit back and let my body rest and let it heal up. So right now I’m just very anxious to get back on the field. Everything’s looking good, so I’m just gonna continue to work hard and just make sure I’m ready to go come fall."

When asked about the toughest part of it all, he noted the beginning of the rehab process when everything is fresh from the operating table:

"Toughest thing about the rehab is right after surgery, the day after, they move your leg," Berry said. "So they get to bending your leg right after surgery. That was one of the toughest things — just not being able to walk around and move about how you want. That was probably the biggest thing, but other than that I can’t really complain about having an injury like that. Because there were a lot of people in there who had been in car wrecks who had to have their legs amputated while we were down there.

“A guy actually passed away like right after we met him,” he continued. "He was an amputee and he had tendinitis in his other leg that he did have, and he passed away like a week later after we met him. Me and Jamaal (Charles) and Tony (Moeaki) were like really shocked after that. So we were like, shoot, we’re not gonna worry about this ACL, it could always be worse. So we just looked at it as a positive thing and just kept working and trying to get better."

When specifically asked about Peyton’s presence in the division, Berry didn’t linger on it but he did admit the team had to “step up” if they want to supplant the Broncos in the division.

"It is what it is. Only thing we can do is just prepare for it, make sure that we’re ready and just step up to the plate. I guess that was the best deal for the Denver Broncos to get. But either way, I love a true Volunteer, but at the same time that’s our division. We’ve just gotta step up to the plate and be ready to play."

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