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Jared Allen Speaks Out About Saints Bounty Program

Former Chiefs defensive lineman Jared Allen weighed in on the Saints and Gregg Williams bounty controversy.

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Former Chiefs defensive lineman Jared Allen took the high road on the alleged bounty system that was set up by then New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

"If you're paying people to injure people, that's not the kind of league this is. If something illegal happened, the league will deal with it. It doesn't change the fact we lost the game. It doesn't change the fact they got a Super Bowl ring."

Allen was a part of the Minnesota Vikings when they faced the Saints in the 2009 NFC Championship Game. Allen said that thinking back the bounty system makes sense considering many of the big hits that were delivered by the Saints against Vikings players and in particular Brett Favre. Of course Allen also didn't think that it had much to do with the outcome of the game and even went so far to say that had he been playing for the Saints that it would have been his goal to have knocked Favre out of the game as well.

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