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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Will Require More Than Dwayne Bowe, First Round Choice From Chiefs

When Bill Wiliamson was recently asked in a mailbag column over at ESPN just how much it would cost the Kansas City Chiefs to acquire Robert Griffin III in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, the answer wasn’t good for any Chiefs’ fans hoping the team would land the reigning Heisman winner.

The Chiefs reportedly fell in love with Griffin at the NFL Combine and Romeo Crennel spoke highly of him and said they had a good connection. The Chiefs have also said they’re looking to provide competition at quarterback and Griffin would certainly bring that and more. But the bounty is going to be too much, especially with other teams wanting to bring him in.

Williamson writes, “It’s an interesting thought. I think the Kansas City Chiefs would love to get a chance to take Griffin, but they will have a hard time putting together a winning package. Teams such as the Cleveland Browns, Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins will all offer better trades. The Chiefs have the No. 11 pick in the draft and the three other teams all pick higher in the first round. Adding Bowe would sweeten the pot. Still, I’m not sure if a package of Bowe and the No. 11 pick would be enough. The Chiefs would likely have to add, at least, a future first-round pick to the mix. That’s a steep price.”

Two first round choices and their impact wide receiver? That’s just not going to happen from Scott Pioli — not with other holes on the roster and with other options available. If Matt Cassel flops after the team address the offensive line, halfback, defensive tackle and then some, then the team will radically rethink the position next year perhaps. For now, such a move doesn’t make sense unless the deal is right.