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Randy Moss Impresses Multiple Scouts In Attendance At Personal Workout

Jay Glazer is reporting that many were impressed today with Randy Moss and his personal workout as he hopes to make his way back onto an NFL roster this offseason. Glazer wrote on Twitter that he is "hearing from multiple sources re Randy Moss workout today he lit it up. Was told he ran about 45 routes and 'looked like the old Randy.'"

There's no denying the greatness of Moss in his prime, but last season told a different story of a player who either didn't care enough about his playing career or just didn't have it anymore. He had three failed stints in the NFL last season with the New England Patriots, Tennessee Titans and Minnesota Vikings. All of those teams needed a receiver, so it's not as if he wasn't catered to or needed. It just didn't work out and the final results told the story: 28 total receptions in 2011 for 393 yards.

The Chiefs aren't going to be calling Moss anytime soon despite his resurgence, but the AFC West would be a good guess for his services. The Raiders and Chargers both make sense for Moss to land in the right circumstances, especially for the latter if the team watches Vincent Jackson walk away. Going back to Oakland could be a nice return for Moss, but that's not as likely as San Diego could be. It's also hard to imagine Denver being interested.

Still, a return of Moss is good for the league since he's been one of its biggest stars and personalities over the last decade.