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Chiefs Safety Eric Berry Wonders Whether He Was The Target Of A Bounty

"Bountygate" is invading headlines everywhere and now some NFL players are starting to develop some paranoia on the subject. The New Orleans Saints are in the midst of an investigation by the league concerning allegations that they were running a bounty system under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who would pay players based on injuries they would inflict upon the opposing team. Chiefs safety Eric Berry is wondering whether he may have been the victim of a similar operation.

Berry suffered a torn ACL in the 2011 season opener against the Buffalo Bills on a low block by Bills receiver Steve Johnson. The injury knocked Berry out for the rest of the year. Josh Alper of Pro Football Talk reports that Berry took to Twitter to muse on the incident following the news of the Saints scandal breaking.

"Sometimes I sit n wonder if they had a bounty out on me...oh well...who cares. Either way u can't hold me down."

Hopefully this will not open the floodgates for every injured player over the last few years to come out and start crying "Bounty!" I mean, it would be entertaining as hell, but let's not go down that road, shall we?

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