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Peyton Manning Rumors: Dolphins, Redskins, Cardinals Favored Teams Among Betting Odds For Colts Quarterback

Peyton Manning is finally going to become a free man tomorrow with the announcement that the Indianapolis Colts are going to finally release their franchise icon on Wednesday. That means the speculation can now officially begin on where Manning could end up. The National Football Post has the latest odds and the Arizona Cardinals are the overall favorites.

The Kansas City Chiefs are ranked among the several franchises, but they are not near the top. Instead, Manning is believed to retire more than he would go to the Chiefs if you go by the odds. The other teams in the running include the Miami Dolphins and Washington Redskins as many speculate.

Manning has current health issues that will cause teams to need a clean bill of health before they can relax about their investment, but the potential is so great for teams in need of a franchise quarterback. The Jets, Seahawks and Titans are also among the teams supposedly in consideration for Manning.