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Jim Irsay Expresses His Emotions About Peyton Manning Release On Twitter

Jim Irsay stands among the most accessible owners in all of professional sports. The Indianapolis Colts owner uses his very open Twitter account to express his emotions about various issues, posts his favorite song lyrics, give away Colts gear and make announcements concerning the team from time to time. Now as he is on the verge of releasing the team’s greatest player of all time in Peyton Manning today, Irsay is using the medium to apparently express his feelings in a poetic way once again.

Irsay writes via Twitter, “It was a long,emotional flight…now the sun is trying to rise”. As the two men come to Indy today to make the announcement, it’s clear that this was not an easy decision for the team to come to. How could it since Manning has given them so much?

Without Manning, the team would not have a Super Bowl and definitely would not have Lucas Oil Stadium. Under Manning, the franchise and the city have both been rebuilt to impressive levels and a fan base is crying foul over this morning’s announcement. Irsay has to feel the emotions of others alongside his own.

So Twitter becomes the medium. The sun is trying to rise not only in Indy early this morning but on a franchise where many local fans are predicting darker days ahead. Andrew Luck will have the weight of a city on his shoulders. He’d better be ready for the task.