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Peyton Manning To The Chiefs? SB Nation Breaks Down The QB's Possible Destinations On Youtube

With the Indianapolis Colts and Peyton Manning officially parting ways this week, the NFL has been consumed with talk of where the future Hall of Fame QB might land.

In a video on SB Nation's YouTube channel (which anyone reading this needs to go ahead and subscribe to), Dan Rubinstein and Brandon Wells break down the most likely landing spots for Eli's big brother. Kansas City isn't in the top 3, but they do think it is a possibility.

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Click past the jump to see what they think Manning will be looking for and who they think is the favorite. (Hint: Tebowmania may need to find a new home)

One thing they don't mention that will probably be foremost in Peyton (and Archie's) mind is the quality of the offensive line that will be in front of him. He's had a relatively clean pocket in his time in Indianapolis, and it's doubtful he's going to want to be running around for his life coming off major neck surgery.