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Peyton Manning Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs Among 'Frontrunners'

With today serving as the first full day of Peyton Manning's free agency period, it's not surprising to see a number of columns emerging choosing where the former Indianapolis Colts quarterback might end up. The good news for Kansas City Chiefs fans is that the team is often listed among potential destinations, and Pro Football Focus has the Chiefs as one of the "frontrunners" in their analysis:

Ludicrous allegations of tampering by Romeo Crennel already link the Chiefs with Manning, but for both parties that interest makes a great deal of sense. The Chiefs are a well balanced team who faltered in 2011 on the back of injuries which unsettled the team on the field and the coaching staff off of it. With those young players back from injury in 2012 the Chiefs are ready to compete in the weak AFC West with or without Manning. With Manning the Chiefs would likely be favorites for the division and with the triplets on offense and a young core to a defense which can rush the passer and cover receivers down field they would be a real challenger in the AFC.

The Chiefs would surround Manning with a stellar cast of skill position players that he could throw to, from tight end Tony Moeaki and wideouts like Dwayne Bowe and Steve Breaston. The question is whether the Chiefs can make a better case than several other teams vying for the same.

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