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Grantland Gives Chiefs 2 Percent Chance To Sign Peyton Manning

Not to be left out, even Grantland is getting in on the Peyton Manning action with Bill Barnwell giving his odds for where the former Colts quarterback will end up when all is said and done. The top spots have the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins in place, and Barnwell is not as high on the Kansas City Chiefs as others are. For now, he has them at two percent overall and the No. 7 team on his top ten.

Barnwell writes, "The Chiefs have more cap space than anybody else in football, so they can likely outbid everyone else for Manning. They could even bring in longtime Manning co-conspirator Jeff Saturday, Peyton's center with the Colts, to line up in the middle of the offensive line. And wouldn't it be fun to see Scott Pioli and Romeo Crennel bring on the player they made their name with while working for the Patriots? Alas, the Chiefs want to bring in a veteran to challenge Matt Cassel, not take his job."

There's no chance that Matt Cassel is going to keep the Chiefs from going after Manning or not. If the Chiefs have a chance to grab Manning, it's not going to come down to having Cassel in house or not.