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Chiefs Free Agency: Kyle Orton Expected To Get Bears' Attention

The Kansas City Chiefs are among many teams reportedly interested in Peyton Manning and are consistently listed among some of the top finalists for a potential landing spot. But once the dance is over and the former Colts quarterback selects his partner, everyone else will scramble to find the answer. If the Chiefs fail to win the Manning sweepstakes, Kyle Orton, the team’s end-of-season starter, is expected to be that man.

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago says that the Bears are also going to be players for Orton in free agency as they seek to upgrade the No. 2 spot from Caleb Hanie. The team found out last season just how valuable a solid back-up to Jay Cutler can be.

Dickerson writes, “McCown impressed the Bears’ coaching staff last season and is considered a strong candidate to be re-signed, perhaps as the No. 3 quarterback,” Dickerson noted. “That would allow the Bears to pursue a more high-profile No. 2 quarterback in free agency, such as Kyle Orton, who might strongly consider returning to Chicago in a reserve role if he fails to land a starting job somewhere else in the league. Orton, however, would probably require a hefty contract by backup quarterback standards.”

Orton will likely want to start, as will any quarterback, and the Chiefs can offer that chance unlike the Bears. However, it’s unknown what interest Orton has in returning to Kansas City.