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Peyton Manning Rumors: Chiefs Reportedly Have First Completed Contract In To Former Colts Quarterback

The Kansas City Chiefs have the money. Apparently they’re more than willing to spend it. Despite rumors that they would only bring in some competition for Matt Cassel, it looks like the prize of landing Peyton Manning would cause the Chiefs brass to upend those plans for something far greater. A source notes that the Chiefs are the first official team into the Manning sweepstakes with the first completed contract submitted.

The Chiefs have made the official list of suitors although word on the Dolphins is far stronger and that’s where Manning flew to on his first day. It’s going to be tough to beat the Dolphins with the talent around him, the weather and an owner ready to do whatever song and dance he must do to get him.

But the Chiefs are apparently doing everything on their end to get him and take the reins of the AFC West. With Manning at the helm, winning the division would become an assumption given that the Chiefs finished within one game in a season their head coach was fired. It starts with the contract.

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