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NFL Free Agency: Matt Flynn Called 'Top 15 Quarterback' By Aaron Rodgers

The Kansas City Chiefs have already reportedly ponied up a completed contract for the top free agent quarterback on the market in Peyton Manning. Would they be willing to do the same for the guy in second place? Matt Flynn has sat behind Aaron Rodgers for the last few seasons and is now in control of his destiny as an unrestricted free agent. If it wasn’t for Manning’s surprise availability, he would be the hot commodity.

So it stands to wonder, then, whether the Chiefs would turn their attention to Flynn if Manning ends up signing with the Miami Dolphins or another team. His teammate Aaron Rodgers recently called him a “top 15 quarterback” in the NFL, and the Chiefs have publicly stated they want to upgrade the position with competition for Matt Cassel. Flynn would definitely provide that.

But Flynn also represents an unknown variable — the same sort of move that brought Cassel to Kansas City in the first place. A back-up quarterback is hard to gauge. Matt Schaub has looked nice (when healthy) with the Houston Texans, but Arizona’s move for Kevin Kolb last offseason now looks like a regrettable decision.

Still the Chiefs have the money and the motivation to do something here. Whether it’s a safe signing like Kyle Orton or a hopeful grab for Flynn, the Chiefs seem capable of anything this offseason.