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Peyton Manning Free Agency: Peter King Says Denver Broncos 'Desperate' For Quarterback

It hasn’t been hard to read the alleged tension between the Denver Broncos brass and the fans’ wishes to have Tim Tebow as their starting quarterback. John Elway and John Fox inherited Tebow from the previous regime, but his popularity and surprising results in the win-loss column in 2011 have forced the team’s hand to call him their No. 1 quarterback heading into the season. Yet no one really believes that Elway has his franchise quarterback that he’s pictured since taking over the team.

Peyton Manning could change all of that and Peter King of Sports Illustrated reports that the Broncos are “desperately” trying to get Manning to pay attention and ultimately land in Mile High. It is hard to imagine Manning choosing to do so since it would be a media storm unlike anything that the NFL has ever experienced with just Tebow in the ranks. However, the lure of Elway and a steady coach like Fox could make it happen. In other words, no one knows how this is going to play out.

If Manning stepped in, a fan base that loves Tebow would also likely love Manning and the results on-field even more. Tebow could still learn from Manning and be the future quarterback. Or perhaps Elway would deal him while he could for some draft assets and find another suitable back-up in the meantime to groom — like a Kirk Cousins of Michigan State.

For now it’s interesting to think that Tebow and Manning could be on the same roster for any length of time.