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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Chiefs Might Have To Decide Between Trent Richardson And Riley Reiff

The No. 11 spot in the 2012 NFL Draft might be a tricky one for the Kansas City Chiefs. After winning the coin toss with the Seattle Seahawks to gain the edge in draft order, the Chiefs are the first team sitting outside the top ten and can gain the player that drops unexpectedly.

In Charlie Campbell’s latest mock draft over at Walter Football, he has the Chiefs choosing between a luxury pick of the best running back available in Trent Richardson and a great need at tackle in Riley Reiff.

Campbell writes, “If the draft plays out like this, Kansas City would have a tough decision to make between Reiff and Trent Richardson. However, the team already has some quality running backs on the roster. There should be some good running backs available to the Chiefs in the second round, but there won’t be a left tackle close to Reiff’s caliber. Barry Richardson is a complete liability at right tackle. If Kansas City takes Reiff, the team can play him at right tackle, or move Brandon Albert over from left tackle.”

Campbell is right that the need is to great to pull the trigger on Richardson despite how tempting it would be. The Chiefs simply must improve the line by adding talent and youth to cement it for the long haul.