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New Orleans Saints Re-Sign DL Turk McBride

CBS Sports Larry Holder is reporting that defensive end Turk McBride has re-signed with the New Orleans Saints, keeping the lineman from becoming a free agent next week when the market opens up. McBride came to the Saints last season, but failed to live up to expectations with only two sacks on the season. He had five sacks for the Lions in 2010.

McBride was the Chiefs second round choice in the 2007 NFL Draft that was mostly a complete bust for the franchise except the team's first round selection of Dwayne Bowe. McBride only spent two seasons in Kansas City before surfacing in Detroit with the Lions for the next two years.

The Saints are currently mired in an NFL investigation that could potentially suspend some New Orleans defenders, which might or might not affect McBride. If anything, the team might need him to cover for someone else since no one is quite clear who will be affected or for how long.