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Dallas Clark Makes A Lot Of Sense For Kansas City Chiefs Plan Of Attack In Free Agency

In case you missed the memo, the Indianapolis Colts seemed to release half of their team today. Among the cuts were safety Melvin Bullitt, linebacker Gary Brackett, running back Joseph Addai and, of course, quarterback Peyton Manning. Many of those players helped form the core of the Super Bowl winning team as well as the success in general of the Colts for the last decade-plus. But one name might stand out the most for the Kansas City Chiefs: Dallas Clark.

The tight end was among the many cuts by the Colts today and the Chiefs are in the perfect spot to swoop in. Clark fits the Chiefs’ needs in a number of different ways and there are plenty of connections to make it a great fit on both sides.

More than anything, Clark would give the Chiefs offense an added dimension that they lost last season with Tony Moeaki out for the year. Moeaki is on track to be ready for the 2012 season, but his injury history was already spotty coming out of college. The Chiefs need a great receiver at tight end to have the offense work.

The Chiefs also have plenty of cap room and the ability to pay Clark well, even though he was out for some of the year as well. Since Clark hasn’t played a full season since 2009, he’s likely to come with a lower price tag, but suffice to say the Chiefs could match or beat most teams for his services.

Scott Pioli is also quite familiar and close with the Iowa football program that Clark is from and he would likely already be in tune with several Chiefs players to that end, including Moeaki. If the team goes with a pick like Riley Reiff in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, that’s yet another link for Clark.

Clark is likely to join his former teammate Peyton Manning if the new team will have him, but if not, then Kansas City will make a good choice. Perhaps KC is the destination for both players, which would make this an even better marriage. But with or without Manning, Clark would be a great pick-up in free agency for Pioli and the Chiefs.