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NFL Draft 2012: Robert Griffin III Could Be Cost Prohibitive For Redskins According To Mel Kiper

The No. 2 pick in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft is up for grabs, and it might as well be called the Rights to Robert Griffin III at this point. The St. Louis Rams officially hold the selection and they have already said publicly that it will go to the highest bidder. The Cleveland Browns are ready to pick at No. 4 and the Washington Redskins are at No. 6. Both teams are going to have to pay heavily to get the pick, but the Skins’ cost might be too much, according to Mel Kiper.

Kiper said today via Twitter that the Redskins would force the Rams to drop four spots. That might cost them the best cornerback in the draft in Morris Claiborne and the best wide receiver in Justin Blackmon. Those are the two primary areas of need for the Rams at this point. If they have to forgo those elite options, Kiper says that asking price for the Skins is likely go to sky high.

As for the Chiefs, they have to be considered out of the running for Griffin at this point. While they publicly flirt with Peyton Manning, the team doesn’t have the draft assets at this point to get Griffin. Money is not an issue in terms of free agents, but climbing the draft order is another. If the Redskins at five selections higher are going to have a tough time, imagine the Chiefs.