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Robert Griffin III Trade: Redskins Reportedly Complete Deal For No. 2 Pick In 2012 NFL Draft Per Jay Glazer

The chase was on, but it might already be completed with several weeks before the NFL Draft ready to go. Robert Griffin III is going to be the second pick off of the board, and with the number of quarterback hungry teams out there, the St. Louis Rams, holder of the No. 2 choice, were in great position to demand something. Apparently they like what they heard from the Washington Redskins.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports is reporting
that the No. 2 choice in the draft has been traded for this year’s No. 6 pick and two future No. 1 selections among other pieces. (Update: The Rams are receiving three first round choices and this year's second rounder as the full trade haul.) Further components of the story will be coming out shortly as Glazer files more than a Twitter report.

This is big news even for the Peyton Manning sweepstakes because if it is true, it takes out one of the major players competing with the Chiefs. The Skins were often listed alongside the Chiefs and the Dolphins among others for Manning and the Chiefs were also interested and at least kicked the tires on Griffin. Now some more certainty enters the picture.

Stay tuned here at SB Nation for more info on the trade as it comes in.