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Peyton Manning Rumors: Mark Sanchez Extension And Redskins-Rams Trade Narrow Destinations

Two NFL teams made major moves late in the day on Friday to solve their quarterback situation and free the team from further drama at the most important position. Twenty-four hours ago, sportswriters wondered whether the Jets could sign Peyton Manning and even release or trade Mark Sanchez. Others placed the Redskins as potential favorites for the former Colts star quarterback. Now both teams should be out of the hunt if the reports are true on the moves made tonight.

Rich Cimini reported that the Jets have signed Mark Sanchez to a contract extension, which will keep him the starter with the Jets for the near future. The Redskins, meanwhile, traded three first round choices (per Jay Glazer) for the chance to get Robert Griffin III in the upcoming NFL Draft. That means that both teams are going to have their quarterbacks, and there’s no way that Manning enters a situation when a team already makes such a commitment.

That means the Dolphins, Chiefs, Cardinals and Broncos are the likely top suitors for Manning with perhaps the Seahawks also in the equation. While there are several teams left, the picture is definitely clearer that it was even hours ago.

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