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Redskins Not Only Team Willing To Surrender Multiple Top Picks For Rights To Robert Griffin III

It’s easy to shake your head at the final cost for the Washington Redskins to move up four spots in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Three first round selections is unheard of and the additional second round choice is the icing on the top. But when a team is inspired to get the quarterback it wants, it’s clear that they will do what it takes. And Albert Breer of NFL Network says that the Redskins weren’t the only ones in on the bidding at that price.

In fact, Breer says via Twitter, “And for those who think the Redskins are crazy … I’m told there were multiple teams outside of Washington bidding in that range for RG3.”

Is it possible the Chiefs were also bidding around that range. At the NFL Combine, the Chiefs reportedly interviewed Griffin and did their homework on the kid. Romeo Crennel came away and said he even had a connection with the Baylor quarterback.

No one will ever know if the Chiefs were among the teams that Breer is referring to and it’s not likely that Breer will name names. But it is interesting to note that given the quarterback frenzy and that the Chiefs are in the middle of most of the news, Scott Pioli might have been willing to pony up that sort of draft haul as well.