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Chris Kuper Injury Update: Guard Expected Back For Training Camp

Now that Peyton Manning is in the AFC West, the main focus is going to be on protecting him as the Denver Broncos and getting to the quarterback for the rest of their rivals. Chris Kuper was a main part of the Broncos' offensive front last season before losing him for the playoffs against the Chiefs in the final week of the regular season. Kuper's ankle injury looked ugly, but apparently the starting guard will be ready to play by training camp.

The Denver Post's Jeff Legwold writes, "Kuper could participate in training camp by late July. How important is the North Dakota product to the Broncos? He was among the players who were called to Dove Valley team headquarters during Peyton Manning's free-agent visit with the Broncos."

The Broncos will have a solid line to help protect Manning, but given the deep nature of the interior linemen in the 2012 NFL Draft class, it would be a wise choice for the Broncos to grab an insurance policy.