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NFL Mock Draft 2012: Brandon Weeden Makes Sense In Second Round For Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have already came out this offseason to say they were interested in adding some competition at the quarterback position. While Brady Quinn has been added as a free agent, his presence is likely not what fans and analysts believed Scott Pioli meant by that statement. Therefore, a move could be forthcoming in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Walter Cherepinsky believes the Chiefs could take Brandon Weeden in the second round to provide the main competition to Matt Cassel for the starting spot. The Oklahoma State star is definitely going to go around that spot or even earlier, and some team will love the experience the 28-year-old will bring.

He writes, “They’re pretty much stacked everywhere – except for that all-important signal-caller spot. It wouldn’t hurt to add competition for Matt Cassel. I don’t consider Brady Quinn competition. Brandon Weeden makes sense because he’s presumably ready to step in right away. The Chiefs can win the Super Bowl with good quarterback play, so they’re not interested in someone they can groom for a couple of years.”

If the Chiefs can stay healthy, they will definitely make some noise in the AFC West, even with the arrival of Peyton Manning.

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