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NFL Draft Rumors: Kansas City Chiefs 'Probably' Won't Trade Up For Ryan Tannehill

NFL Draft rumors continue to ramp up in intensity and quantity as the calendar creeps slowly toward April 26 -- the first night of the 2012 NFL Draft. Lots of talk has surrounded the Kansas City Chiefs in recent weeks, as some experts believe they may try to trade up to draft Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill.

Pro Football Weekly, though, seems to think otherwise.

The Eagles and Chiefs have conducted private workouts with Tannehill, but a league source told The Plain Dealer that Kansas City (No. 11 overall pick) probably wouldn't trade up. Tannehill, whose draft stock has skyrocketed in recent weeks, will visit Cleveland on Sunday and Monday and then Buffalo (No. 10) on Tuesday. Miami and Seattle also are said to have interest in Tannehill.

Of course, none of this is canon, and there could be another source that comes out on Tuesday saying the Chiefs are a lock to trade up.

Regardless of if they do or do not trade up, quarterback Matt Cassel is squarely on the hot seat this year, as the Chiefs look to return to the playoffs.

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