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Tony Moeaki Visits Iowa Elementary School For NFL's Fuel Up To Play 60 Program

Various players spend their offseason in different ways. Ben Roethlisberger is golfing the courses of Europe. Dwayne Bowe is modeling uniforms. For Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki, he at least took one day out to speak to some students at an Ankeny, Iowa elementary school about the need for nutrition, physical activity and all-around wellness in a recent visit.

"It's so great to see you guys making this commitment to having a healthier school, a healthier community," Moeaki told the students.

Megan VerHeist writes, "During Moeaki's visit, he met a small group of students who were leaders in the challenge before headlining an assembly for the rest of the school. During the assembly, Moeaki answered questions from the students, questions involving his favorite foods, his favorite exercise and more. At the end of his visit, he led Terrace students in a special warmup session followed by a ten-minute walk."

"Way before I ever got to the NFL or University of Iowa, I was always outside playing," he said. "And to be active and play sports, you have to fuel up - eat breakfast, drink your milk, because it helps you stay active."