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2012 NFL Draft: Brandon Weeden Called 'Underrated' By Mel Kiper

The single black cloud over Brandon Weeden's scouting report is the fact that he will be 29-years-old come the start of the NFL regular season. If not for that, it's possible the Oklahoma State quarterback might be a solid first round selection in the 2012 NFL Draft. He still might be, for that matter. Either way, Mel Kiper of ESPN believes Weeden is one of the most underrated prospects in the upcoming draft.

He writes, "It might feel odd to call a guy who is 28 and likely to go in Round 2 underrated. But evaluators agree that if Weeden were younger he'd be far higher. So what's my case? I think Weeden projects as a start-early QB who can help a franchise for 7-8 years, easy. And who in this league has a nine-year plan?"

Weeden could be a target for the Chiefs at No. 44 overall in the second round. The team could definitely use the challenge for Matt Cassel under center, and Weeden could be termed ready faster than most other quarterback options available to the team. Then again, Weeden could also be gone by that time given the likelihood of a run on quarterbacks earlier in the draft.