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NFL Draft 2012: David DeCastro Could Fall To Second Round, Per Pat Kirwan

It's the sort of article that either deserves merit for its originality or scorn for its ridiculousness. The difference in response is likely to depend on your belief in Stanford guard David DeCastro. If you believe he's the Chiefs best option at No. 11 in the 2012 NFL Draft's first round, then you'll hate Pat Kirwan for writing that the top guard in the draft could fall to the second round. On the other hand, if you believe that's far too early for a guard, you'll finally have a columnist to back you up.

In his latest article for CBS Sports, Kirwan certainly praises DeCastro, so it's not an extreme opinion that refuses to acknowledge the lineman's talent. Instead, he does bring up some issues with his game and says that it's simply not a smart draft move to take a guard so high.

Kirwan writes, "Finally, I know David DeCastro is NFL-ready, yet still has room for growth, which makes him an intriguing prospect. I would not fault a team for taking him in the first round but I will not be shocked if he winds up at the top of the second round. Teams like to take tackles in the first round, and if they don't pan out, move them inside to guard like the Raiders did with Robert Gallery."

Given the amount of buzz over DeCastro, it's unlikely that he will fall near that far. In fact, he could very easily be the Chiefs choice at No. 11 or even earlier for the Bills one spot earlier. However, given Kirwan some credit to attempt at least a piece that runs counter-cultural to the ongoing adoration for DeCastro. It makes his piece an interesting one to read no matter your persuasion. That's hard to find this time of year.