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Chiefs Offseason Program 2012: Player Conditioning An Early Focus Of Workouts

As the Kansas City Chiefs players begin to settle back into the routine of working out and studying at Arrowhead Stadium, the regimen is going to specifically focus on conditioning according to the Chiefs strength and conditioning coach Mike Clark. It’s been a staple of the Chiefs since Todd Haley was head coach, and it’s an emphasis that isn’t going to change even after Haley was fired late in the 2011 season.

"We’re going to continue a phase of training that we’ve been in that’s called ‘adaptation,’" explained Clark. "That’s just a high volume of lifting, not really heavy loads yet. We will still introduce some of the power work in cleans, throws and jumps, and then we’ll do some general running. After these first two weeks we’ll become a lot more specific and a lot more dynamic in our training."

Ryan Lilja admitted to the Kansas City Star in an article today that the lack of such workouts last offseason hurt his performance in 2012. The Chiefs have stressed excellent stamina and conditioning over the last few years, a move essential to keep players fresh for the long road of the NFL season.

It will be interesting to see who arrived back at Arrowhead in good shape and who will need to put in the work more than others. Either way, it’s good to know that the strong facets of Haley’s program are still in place.

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