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2012 NFL Draft: Late Round Quarterback Options Include B.J. Coleman, Darron Thomas

he Kansas City Chiefs have been working out various quarterbacks leading up to the 2012 NFL Draft, presumably in the hopes of adding a potential rookie at the most important position in football if the fit and value are right. While the bulk of the attention is on those at the front of the class, and rightfully so, the Chiefs also have some options on the draft's final day if they so choose. Here are a few that could catch their eye.

B.J. Coleman - Chattanooga - 6'4" 233lbs
Coleman is a solid sleeper in this draft at the quarterback position. As the draft process has progressed, Coleman has become better known to scouts and fans. Coleman is a former Tennessee transfer who has natural size to play the position. He also has good arm strength and can make every NFL throw necessary. His accuracy can be spotty at times, but for the most part is solid.

Coleman isn't very mobile, but has some athletic ability. From a mechanics perspective, Coleman is decent, but his footwork needs attention. By all accountsm Coleman is a good kid and a hard worker. In the later rounds of the draft he is someone to watch as he has an NFL skill set and good upside, and could very well become an NFL starter.

Projection: 4th-5th Round

Chandler Harnish - Northern Illinois - 6'2", 215 lbs.
Harnish is likely more of a backup at the next level with upside as a developmental starter. Harnish started for parts of all 4 years in college, and is a smart, tough football player. He is an athletic player at the quarterback position who can do damage with his legs outside the pocket, having rushed for over 2,000 yards the past 2 seasons. Harnish doesn't have a great arm, but an adequate one.

He has good accuracy in the middle of the field but struggles when he has to drive the ball outside the numbers at times. Harnish has solid mechanics and footwork, but could still use improvement in both areas. He is a hard worker, who is tough and durable. Harnish will be an assest at the next level even if he isn't the starter. He will be a backup in the league for a long time with the potential to develop to the point where he can be an average starter.

Projection: 5th-6th Round

Darron Thomas - Oregon - 6'3" 220lbs
Darron Thomas is an intriguing player in this draft who is a work in progress and will be a developmental prospect for any team that takes a chance on him. A productive college player, Thomas made a curious decision to leave Oregon with a year of eligibility left. Thomas is a very good athlete who can be a danger outside of the pocket. Inside of the pocket, he has real good arm strength, but has mediocre accuracy at best.

Thomas' mechanics will need some work and so will his footwork as he operated out of a spread system at Oregon. Thomas makes good decisions, but will need to work on reads and progressions that come with a pro-style system. Overall, Thomas is an interesting proposition but is extremely raw, but will need hard work and improvements to be successful.

Projection: 7th Round-UDFA

Aaron Corp - Richmond - 6'4" 215lbs
Aaron Corp is a talented athlete and was a transfer to Richmond from USC. Corp possesses good size and a frame that can be built up with work. Corp has average to below average arm strength, but throws with good anticipation and accuracy for the most part.

Corp doesn't always trust his eyes and has a tendency to make poor decisions (as evidenced by his 17 INT this past year). He has solid footwork and mechanics, and is a hard worker. Corp will need some work to become a good player at the next level, but is smart, a good athlete and works hard. He will be a camp body at the very least, but has the potential to develop down the line.

Projection: 6th Round-UDFA

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