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2012 NFL Free Agency: New Orleans Saints Had 22-27 Players Involved In Bounties, According To NFL

The ax is about to come down on quite a few of the New Orleans Saints players for whatever role they may have had in these alleged 'bounties' that have been so widely talked about around the NFL.

NFL Network's Jason La Canfora tweeted out late-Monday night that between 22-27 Saints' players in all were involved according to the NFL, and that Will Smith, Jonathan Vilma and Roman Harper could be hit the hardest when the ax does finally come down.

This is obviously going to affect free agents like Shaun Rogers and Aubrayo Franklin if they had any role in these bounties, and whether or not that leads to any kind of a suspension. The Kansas City Chiefs could look at both, or either of these players as they continue to look to build the defensive line.

A strong case can be made that the Chiefs would covet Shaun Rogers should be become available and not come with any kind of a suspension. He played for Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel when they both were in Cleveland, and he has experience both as a nose tackle in Crennel's specific defensive scheme, and as a pass-rushing defensive tackle, which are two things that the Chiefs could definitely be looking for from a veteran player at this point.

So the Chiefs will probably be watching this development very closely to see if either of these players would come with any kind of a suspension if they were to sign them as free agents.

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