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Chiefs Offseason Program 2012: Dwayne Bowe Remains Missing From Workouts

Dwayne Bowe was not expected to arrive at Arrowhead Stadium with his teammates yesterday for the first day of the Chiefs voluntary offseason workouts. It's not surprising, then, that Bowe didn't bother to show up. So while it's not necessarily groundbreaking news since it was expected, it's still notable that the team's offensive MVP (or at least their best wideout of the last half-decade) is not present. It's likely to be the same story going forward for the next several weeks.

The Chiefs placed the franchise tag on Bowe earlier this offseason, allowing Brandon Carr to walk toward the deep pockets of Jerry Jones in the process. Fans have nothing to worry about when it comes to Bowe's playing status for the Chiefs in 2012. But beyond that, everything is a mystery and it's difficult to tell just what the Chiefs will do.

For now the two sides will posture themselves accordingly, with Bowe using his absence as a way of making a statement about the lack of a long-term deal for the team's leading receiver. The Chiefs have ways they can respond as well -- either by ponying up with some serious negotiations or go about their business quietly as if it doesn't matter.

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