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2012 NFL Draft: Scott Pioli Sees Value In 11th Pick

The Kansas City Chiefs have the 11th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft and general manager Scott Pioli couldn't be more optimistic about it.

That's not necessarily because of who the team is going to select with that pick, but also the financial implications of it as well. Future financial obligations makes the draft slot unique in comparison to the 10 picks that precede it.

"There are some other elements to this whole thing ... Picks 1 through 10 have the value in the fifth-year option being the transition number, which is the average of the top-10 contracts of that player's position in the league," Pioli explained. "Picks 11 through 32, the fifth-year option number is based on the salary average of the third through 25th (players at the position).

"So the difference between pick No. 10 and pick No. 11, in terms of what that fifth year (salary) is, is a dramatic difference. There's going to be a different mindset and different thinking, I believe, with a lot of picks and people thinking about trades."

This means that the Chiefs could obviously pick up a valuable prospect for a cheaper price, or they could trade for really nice pieces because of their unique positioning in the draft.

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