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2012 NFL Mock Draft: Luke Kuechly Should Be Chiefs First Pick, Peter King Says

There are a myriad of mock drafts that have the Chiefs taking various players in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft next weekend. However, one name at inside linebacker keeps coming up again and again for Scott Pioli to consider: Luke Kuechly from Boston College. Peter King finally submitted his mock draft for Sports Illustrated and he has the Chiefs taking Kuechly as well, noting how well he fits on the team.

King writes, "The alltime leading tackler in both school and Atlantic Coast Conference history is the perfect player for Kansas City G.M. Scott Pioli: whistle-clean character, great instincts. Kuechly isn't overwhelmingly physical, though. I'd like Dontari Poe here if I were sure he could consistently deliver on the athletic promise he showed at the combine."

King is right to also point out Poe. Poe has a higher potential ceiling of impact at a position of need. However, the Chiefs have a real chance to add a solid playmaker at No. 11 without any question marks. For a team still one year away from taking major risks in the draft, Kuechly fits very well.