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2012 Chiefs Schedule: Peyton Manning Doesn't Appear Until Week 12 For Kansas City

The big prize in the AFC West is going to take some time for Chiefs fans to be able to see how their team matches up against their newly revived rival in the Denver Broncos. While Peyton Manning will make his mark on the rest of the league and the division early in the season, the Chiefs and Broncos will play both of their contests against each other well into the season, which means the Manning signing for Denver will clearly have a momentum one way or the other by the time Romeo Crennel has to face him.

The Broncos roll into Kansas City in Week 12 of the regular season as the schedule has been revealed. The Chiefs then visit the Broncos in the final week of the regular season — possibly to determine the division champion. It will be interesting to see if Manning’s health can hold up until the Chiefs enter the picture. If so, that could mean bad news for the Chiefs.