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2012 Chiefs Schedule: Chargers, Steelers Bring Two Primetime Games To Kansas City's Slate

The Kansas City Chiefs will finally have their chance near the season’s mid-point to make a mark on a national television audience with their two primetime games back to back. The team gets a chance to warm up in the beginning of the season with more games at home than away on the front end. Then after the bye, the team will face the San Diego Chargers and Pittsburgh Steelers in two consecutive primetime match-ups.

On November 1, the Chiefs will play a Thursday night game against the Chargers. The Chiefs are coming off of a short week against the Oakland Raiders just four days prior, so the level of difficulty could be great. Considering there are two straight divisional foes there, it might be that hinge that sets the Chiefs season in motion one way or the other.

Then on November 12, after a week and a half off, the Chiefs will face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday Night Football. In short, the schedule eases up, gets very difficult, and then eases up again. It’s hard to tell how that will affect the team, but it might be hard to maintain a steady rhythm.

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