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NFL Draft 2012: Philadelphia Eagles Look To Trade Up For Fletcher Cox, Not Ryan Tannehill

Before the 2012 NFL Draft, it’s impossible to figure out what is truth and what is fiction given the amount of smokescreens from front offices given to sportswriters and media figures. One such false notion is likely the sky-high stock that Ryan Tannehill has enjoyed over the last several days — one that had a bit too many teams interested in him. The news that the Philadelphia Eagles were interested in trading up for him is apparently wrong. Fletcher Cox was instead the major target.’s Marc Sessler reports, “Draft Insider’s Tony Pauline reported Tuesday the Eagles might maneuver up, but for the services of defensive lineman Fletcher Cox. This feels like an Andy Reid pick, and the 6-foot-4, 298-pound Mississippi State behemoth is a strong fit for Philly’s wide nine scheme.”

Apparently the rumor is right on and Rotoworld agrees that the Eagles could move up but not for the Texas A&M quarterback.

Rotoworld reports, “There’s been enough Cox buzz coming out of Philly that we’re inclined to believe Pauline’s report. The Eagles have shown pre-draft interest in Tannehill, but SI’s Peter King reported Monday that it’s not enough to move up particularly high. Jacksonville at No. 7 is shaping up as a hotspot in the draft. The Jaguars want to trade down, and teams could leap into that position to secure an impact pass rusher or the draft’s third-best quarterback.”

If this is the case, then maybe Tannehill’s stock is lower than what everyone was led to believe. For a while, it seemed like a team might have to trade up into the No. 3 spot to win the Tannehill sweepstakes. Instead, he might be there for the Chiefs to consider at No. 11 without having to swing a deal at all. The Eagles’ interest was clearly inflated. How much was everyone else’s?