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Romeo Crennel Says Matt Cassel Still The Starter For The Chiefs At Quarterback

Brady Quinn could still surprise. Ricky Stanzi could startle everyone. But Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel also made it clear that Matt Cassel is still the team’s starter at this stage in the offseason despite the public statements that the Chiefs would want to challenge that made just months ago.

Recent comments on WHB by Crennel put the quarterback position into view for the team, and it sounds like a team who is willing to largely go with what they had last season — besides substituting Quinn for Tyler Palko.

"Well I tell you what we’ve told all the quarterbacks that they will be competing," said Crennel. "Now they will be given an opportunity, but right now Matt Cassel has been the guy that has taken us to the playoffs in the past and he’s going to be the guy and if those other guys can unseat him it’ll be good for us because it’s better all the way around.

“If they don’t unseat him they will just wait their turn and be the best teammates they can be, but I think we have a good group of quarterbacks that will work well together and be ready to step in if they have to."

That’s not the news that most Chiefs fans were hoping to hear, but anything said before the NFL Draft can be rendered useless in a few minutes. Remember Scott Pioli saying he’d never draft a safety in the top five? It’s possible the Chiefs are publicly posturing before taking a quarterback in the draft. Then again, it’s also possible that the Chiefs roll into 2012 hoping that Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn are enough to win the West.

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