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Asante Samuel Trade To Chiefs Unlikely Despite Pioli, Crennel Connections

Asante Samuel is being shopped around the NFL by the Philadelphia Eagles in a rather public way, and the price doesn't seem to be cost-prohibitive for a starting caliber corner in the pass-happy NFL. Brandon Carr and Cortland Finnegan just signed for more than $100 million between the two players, so it's easy to think that Samuel would be worth the fourth or fifth round choice he's been rumored to go for. However, that doesn't mean that it's that easy to just make a trade.

Instead it's unlikely that the Chiefs would go after Samuel despite the notion that they will likely add secondary depth in the upcoming draft. They already signed Stanford Routt and even added defensive back Mikail Baker earlier this week. While Samuel would have been a decent grab if they hadn't have lured Routt to Kansas City, the loss of a draft asset for a veteran corner without a role is not likely.

Bill Williamson of ESPN writes, "The Chiefs are set at cornerback with Brandon Flowers and Stanford Routt. I see no room for Samuel, even though he has history with Romeo Crennel and Scott Pioli in New England."

Those connections could mean something if the scenario made sense, but Samuel would have to play special teams to provide value for the Chiefs. Javier Arenas is one of the better slot corners in the NFL, and Jalil Brown holds potential as last year's fourth round pick. Travis Daniels also held his own when called upon 2011, so there's just no place for him at this point despite the cheaper price .

That said, Samuel will definitely find a buyer somewhere since someone with his experience and remaining talent could benefit most NFL teams. It's amazing how cheap some players can be had for, but then again the fit has to be just right.