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Matt Cassel Says He's Not Not Threatened By Possible Ryan Tannehill Addition To Chiefs

There’s no questioning why the Kansas City Chiefs brass loves Matt Cassel. While the quarterback has his detractors on field, Cassel says everything right off of the field. Despite an offseason filled with public statements about more competition for quarterback and the pursuit of Peyton Manning among others, Cassel seems unfazed by it all. In fact, it sounds as if he’s truly a team-first player despite his longing to stay at starter.

"Every offseason you go into it with an open mind," Cassel told Josh Looney. "Whether we bring in a fourth quarterback, whoever comes in here, we’ll embrace them. It’s about the room and if you can get quality guys into that quarterback room, and we can push each other, then that’s what it’s all about."

That fourth quarterback line was said in response to rumors about the Chiefs drafting Ryan Tannehill. Cassel’s response is perfect, because even if the Chiefs pass on Tannehill in the first round, the team is still a likely landing spot for some prospect — be it Brandon Weeden in the second or Russell Wilson in the fifth, for example.

"For me, I keep an open mind about what is going on," Cassel said. "A lot of people don’t realize how much time these quarterbacks spend together and it’s all about what kind of room you have. The guys who can contribute, hold you accountable and push you, competition really does make you better."

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