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NFL Draft Rumors: Jaguars Want Chiefs To Trade Up For Ryan Tannehill, Per John Clayton

The Jacksonville Jaguars want out of their spot at No. 7 in the top ten. Every year this happens, where a specific team is just in a bad spot — just outside the fringe of elite level players. The Jags won’t find someone worthy of the No. 7 spot and will have to reach for something of need — Michael Floyd of Notre Dame, perhaps — and it won’t be worth it in the end. The Jags don’t need a quarterback, which means Ryan Tannehill, if he falls, would make for a great trade-up candidate.

John Clayton is reporting that the Jags are wanting the Chiefs to be that team. It would give the Jags another draft asset while they would only fall four spots to No. 11, so an impact player would still be in the cards.

As for the Chiefs, it would put them in the spot before the Miami Dolphins which would ensure that Tannehill would come to Kansas City if the Cleveland Browns don’t take him at No. 4. That last note seems to be more and more of a possibility so if Tannehill slips, KC could have an interesting scenario on their hands — if they like Tannehill, that is.

If all signs are positive on the Texas A&M quarterback, then Pioli has a choice to make. While moving up four spots at the top of the draft is likely to cost something rather nice, even for four spots, he might be able to hold the Jags at bay a bit with the leverage that they want out of that spot. Pioli’s been at this long enough to know where and how to take advantage of value.

The first round of the draft will certainly be an interesting one to follow. The Chiefs could do a number of things after the top ten and are one of the key franchises to follow. The Jags certainly hope they fall in love with one particular player to help them out of a minor jam.