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Chiefs Interested In Unique Tight End Propsect

Jimmy Graham and Antonio Gates have blazed a unique trail to NFL success: limited (or in the case of Gates, zero) college football experience preceding a successful career as an NFL tight end.

The Chiefs have their eyes on a guy looking to follow the path created by Gates and Graham, as they've reportedly shown interest in Les Brown, an athletic tight end prospect who impressed at Baylor's recent pro day.

Brown's younger brother Braden in an offensive tackle for Baylor, but the elder Les didn't step foot on the football field during his time as a Westminster Griffin: he starred on the hoops team instead.

His physical results during the pro day suggest he's at least worth an NFL look, as he checked in at 6'4", 238 pounds, and ran a 4.44 forty. Not bad for a guy who has been in working in the business sector for the past two years.

Brown, despite having never played in the NFL, is technically a free agent, and cannot actually be drafted this year. He is free to sign with a team immediately.

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