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NFL Draft 2012: Mike Adams Stock Could Drop From Marijuana Use

Mike Adams was once a consideration for the Kansas City Chiefs in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft, at least according to early mocks that came out this year. Adams has a great build and strong experience from his time at Ohio State. Yet some personal concerns could knock him farther than draft boards than what were originally projected, providing a surprise target in the second round. Most recently, his admitted use of marijuana could put him in position for a great second round grab for the team.

"The positive test result will make Adams a moderate risk and could result in him sliding to the second round," writes La Canfora, "but other players in the same situation in years past still have ended up in the first round. Adams has told people he was unaware of the positive result at the time of combine interviews, which is why he did not tell teams then."

The Chiefs are often linked to David DeCastro in the first round, but if a guy like Mike Adams could be taken 30 picks later or so, that would be the better value. Could the Chiefs bank on that? Not likely. But some solid picks are still there among interior linemen in the draft if they so choose. Mike Adams might just be the best of them, despite character issues and concerns.