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Glenn Dorsey, Tyson Jackson Both In Make-Or-Break Seasons With Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs heavily invested in the defensive end position over the course of two consecutive drafts picking within the top five. Now they’re going to have to decide what to do with both Glenn Dorsey and Tyson Jackson as soon as the 2012 season is finished (if not sooner).

Instead of selecting impact players at different positions with such choices available for them, the Chiefs took Glenn Dorsey at the No. 5 overall position in the 2008 NFL Draft. As Scott Pioli came in, the Chiefs were in worse shape and picked No. 3 in the 2009 Draft. That year they chose another LSU lineman, Tyson Jackson, to man the side opposite of Dorsey. Now both players are in position to likely hit the market this next spring if the Chiefs so choose.

Dorsey is going to be a free agent. There’s no way around that one unless the Chiefs want to tag him, which means paying him among the league’s best defensive linemen, or signing him to an extension of some kind. As for Jackson, the team just restructured his deal, voiding the 2014 contract year in the process. Most have written that he’s going to be a free agent following Dorsey, but it could be at the same time.

“Much like [Jason] Smith, Jackson took about a 50 percent pay cut in 2012, but received significant 2012 guarantees,” writes Jason La Canfora. “The restructuring keeps him with the Chiefs, but also allows him to hit the market as soon as next year.”

The reason is that Jackson’s salary number for 2013 is an exorbitant $14.72 million. That’s the same sort of number the Chiefs had to rework this season. However, as they head into 2013, what reason will Jackson have to rework his deal unless he really wants to stay in Kansas City. The sooner a player can get to free agency, the sooner he can get the big paycheck that free agency allows. Just ask Brandon Carr how he feels about the new $50 million he signed for.

The reality is that the Chiefs will be looking at both Jackson and Dorsey in the 2012 season to check their progress, to monitor the market and see where and how they want to invest their money. Both players could be re-signed, let go, or fans could also witness a cornerback like scenario where the Chiefs keep one of two and watch the other walk. Either way, Jackson’s deal could force the question sooner rather than later.

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