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NFL Draft 2012: Chiefs Linked To Two 'Most Overrated' Prospects In Ryan Tannehill, Dontari Poe

Ryan Tannehill is the quarterback reach in the draft, filled with potential yet the same amount of question marks. Dontari Poe wowed everyone at the NFL Combine yet failed to play up to such potential in games against subpar competition while at Memphis. While both players could go early in the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, they are also included again and again among those players most “overrated” heading into the draft. The Chiefs are, rather interestingly, linked to both.

Bucky Brooks is the latest to believe that both players’ values are inflated. Given the need for several teams at quarterback in the NFL, it’s not surprising that Tannehill’s stock has risen to levels higher than his actual value for now. Brooks writes:

Tannehill has become one of the most debated prospects in the scouting community following his ascension up the charts in recent weeks. His supporters see an athletic quarterback with outstanding physical tools and potential, but some scouts harbor concerns about his limited game experience and indecisiveness in the pocket. While the desperation for finding a franchise quarterback routinely boosts the value of prospects with potential, Tannehill’s game currently falls short of normal top-10 expectations.

The Chiefs could select Tannehill if he falls or even trade up if they like him enough. Only Scott Pioli and his inner circle at Arrowhed know what they think after they worked him out, interviewed him and watched his game tape. Tannehill also reportedly visited Kansas City, so a match could be there if they think he’s a better quarterback option than Matt Cassel.

As for Dontari Poe, the Chiefs could definitely use another young body along the defensive line and it’s hard to find an anchor in the middle like Haloti Ngata, Casey Hampton and the like. Paul Soliai just cashed in for millions this off-season despite playing half of his team’s downs for the Dolphins. It’s a sign of just how rare high-performing defensive linemen can be. Still Brooks says he has major bust potential:

After dazzling scouts with his impressive combination of size, strength and athleticism at the combine, Poe has experienced a meteoric rise up the charts in most war rooms. He has been pegged as a candidate to come off the board within the first 10 picks, but his lackluster production on tape should raise concerns about his ability to make an immediate impact as a pro.

Often referred to as the Underwear Olympics, Poe definitely impressed at the Comine, but it’s hard to tell how his game will translate to the pro level. Then again, names like Jason Pierre-Paul and Aldon Smith came with more promise than productivity in recent drafts and teams are enjoying the spoils of their draft haul.

It will be interesting to see where both players end up, and if the Chiefs end up with one of them, Pioli will be praised for his vision or criticized for passing up on safer options.