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NFL Draft Rumors: Ryan Tannehill Favored By Dolphins Owner Stephen Ross

It’s generally bad news when a team owner gets involved right before the NFL Draft. After all, a team’s front office has been working all season long, scouts have filled out reports over the course of years on a player, but the man who pays the bills can come in at the last second and change everything. While the Miami Dolphins might have already liked Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Pro Football Talk reports that the Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is lobbying for the choice at No. 8 in the 2012 draft.

Mike Florio writes, “Ross desperately wants to turn the page on yet another embarrassing offseason, which has seen the Dolphins fail to hire Jeff Fisher as coach and Peyton Manning as quarterback. They also whiffed on new coach Joe Philbin’s pupil with the Packers, Matt Flynn, even though it’s unclear whether the Dolphins decided they didn’t want Flynn or Flynn decided he didn’t want the Dolphins, or a little bit of both.”

The Browns, Dolphins, Chiefs and Seahawks are all teams in the first half of the NFL Draft linked with Tannehill. The Eagles were also rumored to be interested in possibly trading up. It’s hard to tell what’s a smokescreen at this point and what is truth, but the Dolphins are among the safest bets if Tannehill’s stock is as high as people think it might be. Given their inability to bring in anyone else and the loss of Brandon Marshall, that could be an offense in trouble.